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Todos los candidatos tenían solo 1 minuto para venderse, por esto hablan muy rápido.

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Cómo solicitar un trabajo

Las frases claves del video de Ben: 

Transcrito entero

Hi, I'm Ben, or otherwise known as the adventurous, crazy energetic one, and there's only 55 seconds left to tell you why. Arrrgghhhhhh!

I love discovering new places. Last year I drove all around Africa. I cross deserts, climb mountains, run marathons, bungy jump, mountain bike, scuba dive, and snorkel everywhere, because...I'm practically a fish myself!

As for trying new things: how about riding an Ostrich?

What can I say, animals love me, and I love them too, especially if they are rare. Ok, not that rare!

I'm a great communicator, love meeting new people and immersing myself in other cultures.

I've written newspaper and magazine articles, given TV and radio interviews and kept a journal and video blog on my website to share my experiences with others, and I'd love to do the same for you.

We can learn about the 100 miles of Great Barrier Reef together and all that Queensland has to offer.

I'm an experienced events manager, charity fundraiser and tour guide.

I've a Bachelor of Science degree and a keen interest in photography, so I'm your man!

If it's the best job in the world, then I'm off to the best place in the world!


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