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Videos Inglés 23 needs you! If you are a native English speaker interested in earning money from video blogging we'd like to hear from you. Read on, below, for more information.

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Get paid for video blogging

At Videos Inglés 23 we are always on the lookout for new video bloggers. Our site is designed as a place where students who are learning English can go and listen to real English, spoken by real English speakers in real video blogs. We aim to offer our students a broad variety of video blogs and therefore we need a wide variety of bloggers!

What we look for in a video blogger.

Native Speaker

At the moment we are currently looking for native English speakers, but other than that we have no particular geographical preference, and welcome bloggers from the England, Canada, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Jamaica, Australia and even Scotland. In fact any country where English is used as the first language.

In an English-speaking country

Ideally, our video bloggers will blog from their own countries or from another English-speaking country. Alternatively, bloggers could be travelling in a Spanish-speaking country and would use the blog to relate their experiences.

Video blog - technical stuff

The most important requirement is that the sound quality is excellent. We also require that the blogger be well lit and, wherever possible, the blog be presented from outdoors. Bloggers can also blog as a "voiceover" accompanying other images (e.g: a sports/cultural event, views of a city etc)

Video blog - contents

We give guidelines to our video bloggers with regards to the type of language they can use and the duration of each blog. We also agree with each blogger the different subjects to be covered by the blog, and give guidelines on style and duration. However, we try to give all our video bloggers as much flexibility as possible.

Video blog - pay

Our video bloggers are paid by the minute and are normally contracted for a minimum number of blog minutes over a fixed time period.  

Get in touch

You won't make a fortune blogging with us, but if you're looking to supplement your income while studying, working or travelling and would like to know more about blogging opportunities with Videos Ingles 23, drop us a line, telling us about yourself and what you would be interested in blogging about.


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